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Reviving WWE Games Modding...

    Welcome to The Modders Club! V2

    TAK Mods
    TAK Mods

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    Welcome to The Modders Club! V2 Empty Welcome to The Modders Club! V2

    Post by TAK Mods on Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:42 am

    Hello and Welcome to Second version of The Modders Club!

    Today , Jan 20 - 2020 , i TAK Mods have decided to bring back The Modders Club Forum and Community together as i've seen how WWE Games modding is slowly dying. (especially SvR)

    3 years ago we launched The Modders Club , but it was a failed experiment , however this time we're going stronger than ever.
    Also as many of you old-school guys might know , Zetaboards does not exist anymore and Tapatalk is beyond bad.
    therefore our forum uses Invision which is similar to what Zetaboards offered.

    Posts should be up soon... Make sure to register and share your work.
    We're going to have a nice version of WWE Modding community.

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